Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SBTB 01.12 - The Mommas and the Pappas

Oh, thank goodness! That horrible version of the opening credits theme song lasted only the last episode. We are back to normal.

What isn't normal, however, is Bayside's definition of "alphabetically." The couples are supposedly made up by last name, as Mr. Belding explains to Lisa that her pairing with Screech was all done alphabetically. Well, I guess that Slater and Spano are kind of alphabetical in the sense that their names start with an "S." A true alphabetical pairing, however, would have looked like this:
  • Boys
    • Zack Morris
    • Screech Powers
    • A.C. Slater
  • Girls
    • Kelly Kapowski
    • Jessie Spano
    • Lisa Turtle
So, the first couple was done by everyone-else-in-the-world's alphabetical standard, but the majority of the couples in the show were done by Bayside-specific alphabetics. By this logic, Lisa's name change to Ziggowitz would avail her nothing.

Now, I realize that some people reading this may be from a younger generation and may not have understood this scene:
This is called "aerobics." It is how women and girls of the eighties and early-nineties worked out. They wore these types of workout clothes and danced along to video tapes done by Kathy Ireland or Richard Simmons. You may think this looks dumb, but it's not far off from what you look like in Yoga.

And, with no guest star to malign, allow me to say again - Shut up, Dustin Diamond! You got lady love, man!

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.