Tuesday, October 8, 2013

SBTB 01.06 - Aloha Slater

It is becoming abundantly clear as I watch this season that the NBC version of this show makes far less goofs for me to exploit. But we must carry on!

One thing to note at the outset is some semblance of continuity between this series and the last, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss." Mr. Belding explains to Major Slater that he was a member of the Fighting 55th, a National Guard unit in Indiana. So, while we may never know how the class was magically transported to California and why Kelly and Jessie were never around in that first season, at least we know that Mr. Belding himself was from Indiana. Sweet.

And speaking of Major Slater (what a boss name!), let's talk about Slater's dad. He is played ever-so-unconvincingly by Gerald Castillo.
I mean, this is one of the most non-stereotypical portrayals of a military father that I have ever seen. That either makes this the most ridiculous portrayal, or the most brilliant portrayal. I side on ridiculous. Though I do appreciate the fact that he wanted what was best for his son.

Gerald had a rather unremarkable Hollywood career. He had some recurring roles in some shows, but nothing that he ever built a name on. Obviously. But, he was in Deathwish 4: The Crackdown. Because one Deathwish is never enough. Also, Delta Force 2 with Chuck freaking Norris. That's something to hang on your wall.

We also learn in this episode that, besides Bolivia and Germany, the Slaters have lived in Iceland. Homeboys be gettin' 'round, yo.

A notable thing about this episode is the Zack Morris timeout. He has been addressing the audience from time to time away from his friends, but this episode marks the first time he does so in front of a friend by literally freezing time.

Harking back to the beginning of this post: Another thing abundantly clear about these early episodes is that Screech was actually a very cute kid. His antics are less annoying and more lovable. That makes these types of scenes less creepy.

Then again, we did get an early version of Gollum:

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.