Tuesday, October 8, 2013

SBTB 01.07 - The Substitue

What a joy of an episode. Let's start off with Miss Simpson. Played by Pamela Kosh, Miss Simpson is the fantastic hard-of-hearing joy of a teacher and a fantastic character.
Miss Simpson is memorable because she has great timing with her jokes. Sure, she could have phoned in a deaf person, but her delivery of the material is just great. She's not dumb. She isn't irritating. She's the perfect blend of an oddball character and well delivered lines. I believe she appears in later episodes and I look forward to it.

Sadly, Miss Simpson throws out her back -
- and we get stuck with the substitute teacher, for whom the ladies swoon.

Tony Crane is the dashing substitute and is played by Hank Stratton. Sadly, this guy didn't quite make it. He had bit roles here and there and a recurring role on the short-lived show The Unit. (I'm not that bummed about this. I can't seem to separate myself from my younger self and how I felt when I was crushing on Kelly back in the day when this doof swoops in and steals her for an episode. Petty, I know.)

The other guest this episode was Bess Meyer who played Vicky the actress.
This girl has actually had quite a few recurring roles in shows like Normal Life, Parenthood (1990), Room for Two, The Boys are Back, and Brother's Keeper. I have never heard of these but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

And (finally!) a goof or two to show. Check out the dude in the back of this scene who didn't seem to realize that the cameras were rolling.
Seriously, the guy stretched for a while (a while in TV land) and looked ridiculous. And check out this other kid in the background dangling a french fry, which he doesn't eat but continues to play with throughout the scene.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.