Friday, October 4, 2013

SBTB 01.05 - Screech's Woman

This episode is all gimmick. No guest stars or anything fancy, just pure goofiness. And it was uncomfortable.
Like I said, there were no guest stars so you are wrong in thinking this is Reba McEntire.
Things get awkward, as Zack is merely trying to help Screech feel better about himself by being a girl that is attracted to the dweeb. A kiss is threatened, but nothing will scar a first time cross-dresser quite like this:
With so little going on this episode I think it incredibly appropriate to tackle one of my least favorite characters in all of Saved by the Bell: Max.
Max owned and ran the Max. His character (played by Ed Alonzo) combined two of my least favorite things in humans: a Joey Gladstone vibe and a love of magic. Even worse, his character was built around magic. For some odd reason, the show runners decided to make Max a show regular, which meant that he was supposed to have lines in every episode. He added almost nothing to the show itself, but at least gave the gang a cool place to hang out.

After Saved by the Bell, Ed continued on with his magic. This gig has kept him busy, as he's played magic shows all over the place. Cruises, clubs, and even on Britney Spears's "Circus" tour.
Good for you bud. May I never have to speak of you again.

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