Thursday, October 17, 2013

SBTB 01.11 - The Friendship Business

What happened to the theme music on this one? I don't know if it is just the Netflix version or if each episode will have this song from here on out (I don't remember this terrible rendition) but it is so bad! I have noticed that some of the video used for each character has changed from time to time in the title sequence, but the song change is unbearable. I hope it doesn't last.

What else may not last: Our guest star's careers.

Mr. Tuttle is played by Jack Angeles.
This role would be his longest stint in Hollywood. It would also be his highest profile stint (unless you count "Mousehunt," in which he played a kennel worker). His star fizzled amazingly fast.

Mr. Angeles is not alone. Edgar Poindexter, the lovable nerd, is played by William Joseph Barker.
The character pops in from time to time in the show and Mr. Barker does an amazing job as a nerd. Sadly, this is really the only thing he would be known for, as his other acting credits go along the lines of Boy in Classroom for an episode of "Family Matters," Student #2 in "Growing Pains," and simply Actor in "California Dreams." Sad.

One of the aspects of this episode that I thought was weird was this locker room scene:
Uh, why is Mr. Belding pumping iron in front of a young student? And why is his shirt so tight around those biceps? It's kind of creepy from just this snapshot. But then you learn that it's actually Zack that is wooing Mr. Belding - with a Buddy Band. It's a funny, albeit odd, youth-and-elders scene.

And speaking of lockers -
how are you supposed to open that corner locker? As you can see by my marking, part of that corner locker is covered. Whomever has that locker is hosed, as they can't freaking open it! I know, I know. Who cares, right? Well, this is exactly why I am doing this blog - to find production curiosities. Case in point:
Incredibly obvious boom mic!

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.