Monday, October 14, 2013

SBTB 01.09 - Pinned to the Mat

Oh, thank goodness that the wrestling episode is over. Three singlets in one episode is a bit too much, especially when these dudes are involved:
The Mass is Marvin Nedick, played by Gino de Mauro. The guy worked before Saved by the Bell and even got nominated for some young actor's award. He did not work after his Saved by the Bell appearance. (Sure, stuff was released, but it was probably filmed around the same time as Saved by the Bell.) Essentially, Slater killed Nedick's wrestling streak and acting streak in one fell swoop of junk-to-trunk action.

A few wrestling notes: First off, Screech would never be considered as a replacement for Slater. Wrestling is done by weight class. There is no way in any alternate Earth or dimension that Screech and Nedick are in the same weight class.

Also, Zack says that he bets against Nedick every year but Nedick has gone undefeated. Well, Zack is a freshman, so he must have been gambling at least since 7th grade (at least) for this to work, which means Nedick (who must be at least a Junior) has been gambling - and taking things from - a little kid. I don't think the writers cared enough to have worked that all out.

As to the Cooking Club instructor, Mrs. Cummings is gloriously played by Bunny Summers.
Ms. Summers did a lot of stuff with her career, though nothing really stands out as anything you would have recognized her from. She did do a spot on Norm, an old sitcom by Norm MacDonald. For any of you who are a fan of the man (you all should be), there is little surprise that Ms. Summers was cast as a Norm character called "Large Woman." Use his voice as you read that role. Perfect.

Moving on, did you notice the first time out used on the school at large?
I love the gal stumbling up the stairs.

Did you notice that the 19" inch television was super-sweet since it was cable ready?
We have sure come a long way.

Lastly, did you notice all the butts in this episode? Belding butt:
Wrestler butt:
Whatever this is:

With all this objectification, it's no wonder Kelly feels a little exposed and has to adjust herself in front of everyone.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.