Monday, May 5, 2014

SBTB 03.20 - Hold Me Tight

We talked about the serious Screech High Five Fail over here, but what about this one? Jessie is calling out some of the school's leaders and a dude on the stairs wants to celebrate with a high five.
Danger, dude! Danger! That target hand is totally flaccid! It doesn't look as if your friend expects a high five at all. Sure enough, what proceeds is terribly awkward.
There is an uncomfortable shuffling of hands that results in the two basically just intertwining their arms on the other guy's knee. The dude's facepalm is very appropriate, as this was probably his onscreen big break and he ruined it. In this dude's honor, let's get the Troll out of the way:
There she is atop the bleachers uniting alongside the "nerds." Nerds? Well, that chubby girl with glasses is behind the coach, but everyone else on those bleachers seem normal, including Slater (behind Kelly). Just who exactly is the nerd girl uniting with? Nobody! Molly the Troll gets a pass.

So who is this girl the "nerds" (read: entire population of Bayside?) is uniting for? Ms. Kristy Barnes, played by Krystee Clark.
Krystee Clark
Krystee had the regular on and off again relationship with Hollywood. She appeared in most of the good 90s shows: "Step by Step," "The Wonder Years," and "Roseanne." She also pulled my favorite stunt of appearing multiple times in a show but as different characters in one of my all-time favorite shows "Boy Meets World." Lately? Krystee ran for government in Hollywood. Her goal was to bring back the Hollywood dream. She lost. But she'll always be a winner to me, because she boasts on her LinkedIn page that she was Trish Putterman in the old Duracell commercials.
Good for you - wearing a mask and all.

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