Friday, February 21, 2014

SBTB 02.16. - From Nurse to Worse

Honestly, was any teacher better than Miss Simpson? I think not. Her character was the best.

How about we look to another legend in the Saved by the Bell universe: Nurse Jennifer.
Nancy Valen
Whhaaaaat? This is how you know SBTB wasn't real. I never, never, ever had a nurse look like that. Nor dress like that (which is probably a good thing, considering the nurses I did have). Nancy Valen plays the new school nurse (that we never see again - for shame!) with a middling face but a great wardrobe. Sure, Zack was a total tool in causing friction with Kelly, but come on!
This, er, talent/trait led Nancy to other roles, like a "Baywatch" lifeguard. And a role in "Porky's 3." And the occasional token hot girl in shows like "Friends," "Charles in Charge," and "Spin City." What has she done otherwise? How about many, many infomercials. Seriously, I found her website ( and many of her self-picked credits are from infomercials (including one for aroma therapy to stop binge eating) in which she is introduced as a television and film star. Sad. Then again --
-- she can always be Nurse Jennifer.

The other nurse? Well, Nurse Butcher isn't credited, but she should have been.
Justine Lenore
This is far more akin to the school nurses I had. Justine Lenore plays the very appropriately named Nurse Butcher. You won't have seen her anywhere else unless you like opera or the movie "Hamburger: the Movie." And it's a banner day because this nurse also has a website. Check it out (at and see how her page compares to Nancy Valen's. Make sure you scroll down to see the languages she is proficient in. I'll tip my hat to that, as well as very honest head shots.

What's worse than school nurses?
Troll sightings!

And here is another case in which our main players break character:
Screech breaks; Kelly breaks; Kelly then does her best to play it off. Why did they use this take? Sadly, it was probably the best one.

And, in case you are kicking yourself for not being able to read the example poem on the board in Miss Simpson's class:
"Clouds can be small
Clouds can be tall
Some clouds are fast
Some clouds are dead last
Some clouds look like a face
Some clouds are in a race
But when I look at a cloud
It really makes me proud."

Yup, high school poetry at its finest.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.