Monday, February 24, 2014

SBTB 02.17 - Breaking Up is Hard to Undo

The back-and-forth in this episode of will-they/won't they made for great drama in the halls of Bayside. But I am left with one question now that the dust has settled: Did this episode really need to be so creepy?

Take, for instance, Slater's little dance:
We've seen Ol' A.C. bust some moves in the past, but the bulge is a bit much. The leotard is unsettling.

And then there is Mr. Belding. Always up for an inappropriate scene with his costars, Mr. B goes mental in this episode by giving us two questionable instances of pure creepiness. First:
Mr. Belding has a tiff with Mrs. Belding and he instinctively turns to Screech in an empty Max. Where are the rest of the customers? Screech is incredibly uncomfortable with it all and tries to escape a time or two only to be reeled by in by a very clingy principal.

Mr. Belding infiltrates the boys' inner sanctum and takes residence on Zack's bed for a scene while making this gesture.

All this creepiness actually makes our troll sighting far more palatable.
Molly dear, you may troll any episode you like in order to keep the creepiness down.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.