Thursday, February 13, 2014

SBTB 02.12 - Close Encounters of the Nerd Kine

The first thing to note about this episode is that Zack gets some basic movie-making lingo wrong. The scene the students are filming requires Jessie to stand up from her desk and begin a lecture; at that point the creature should be "cued" to enter the room. On the first take, however, he cues the creature before Jessie stands. This does set up the Belding foil so I will definitely let this slide.

Actually, the first thing to have noted was that Ed Alonzo is credited and makes a substantial appearance in the episode with his stupid magic tricks.
These facts should clue the astute watcher into knowing that this episode was shot to air as part of the first season but got bumped to the second. You should have figured this out already, however, by how young the cast is compared to the just-prior shows.

And, is if the Max character isn't campy enough, meet Lt. Thompson:
Sean Masterson
The previously-thought bungling reporter ends up being a bungling Air Force Lieutenant. He is cheesy. He is, however, that kind of guy. Many of his roles involve comedies. Even some of his more serious jobs have included odd characters. (He plays Yuppie Man in "Melrose Place.") His penchant for comedies makes sense, as he seems to appear on variety shows and improv skits. He's that kind of actor. The kind Drew Carey likes. (Mid-90s me would have thought this a compliment. Now-me does not.)

And now I am going to be perfectly candid with you right now: I had a great Shut Up, Dustin Diamond moment queued, but I just can't pull the trigger. You see, poor little Screech is dressed (and passed) as an alien. To get out of the outlandish predicament, the student body dons Screech masks.
Seriously, I don't know how Dustin Diamond couldn't be any more offended at these masks. They not only don't look anything like him, but they are incredibly, undeniably creepy.

Then again -
Shut up, Dustin Diamond! You bedded every teenage girl's dream man! (I couldn't help it after all. He's such a stain in real life.)

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.