Saturday, April 26, 2014

SBTB 03.19 - Palm Springs Weekend, Part 2

Oh, Princess Christina. What a dumb, filler story.
Eva Loseth
Christina is played by Eva Loseth, a girl with a few credits to her name. She had a two-episode stint on "Doogie Houser, M.D." and a role in "Deep Space Nine," along with a few others. She also expanded her Hollywood repertoire and co-produced a little film called "Art House." It now appears that she is a realtor back in her home of Illinois.

Let's take a quick peak at some background action:
Notice Captain Odd Shorts/Captain Weird Hair/Captain Woefully 90s Shirt? He isn't really moving on that treadmill, just treading steps, if you will. That lovely gal next to him seems to be helping him get his machine going. When she leaves -
- he seems to keep standing there while leaning on the machine and simply bending his legs. No wonder she left, Captain No-Pain-No-Gain! She was appalled at everything about you, including your workout ethic.

Lastly, how about a mild Shut Up, Dustin Diamond?
Yup, this is way more from Kelly Kapowski than I ever got. So mildly shut up, Dustin Diamond.

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