Saturday, April 26, 2014

SBTB 03.18 - Palm Springs Weekend, Part 1

I will just say this once: How much did Marriott pay SBTB to run a two-episode commercial for its hotel? Blergh.

With this being a two-parter, we'll tackle some things here and some things in the next blog.

First things first, notice the eyes as the pretty lady walks by:
Everyone is being very respectful of this workout-ready lady as she walks by. Everyone except for Jessie. Look at her stare at that woman's chest as if she were sizing her up as some piece of meat! Does this ogling not look like the very thing she condemns chauvinistic man-pigs for doing, like her boyfriend Slater? (Which, by the way, doesn't seem to be a relationship for this episode.) Eyes up, Jessie, and respect that scantily-clad woman as you preach she should be in every other episode of SBTB. I'll go one further: respect her as much as everyone else, including the boys, is doing right now.
Kelly! Come on! I just spouted about how noble you were in not checking out that workout chick! Well, at least the boys (and Lisa) could keep their eyes up.

But what is it that Kelly just had to check out? It couldn't have been this, could it?
Yeah. That's probably it. Two questions spring to mind. 1) Why is this okay to show in a children's program? 2) How did we go from Lisa's aerobics outfit (seen here) to this:
I have never exercised in a thong but I can't imagine that it would be comfortable. Not in the slightest.

So who is this lady that tantalizes females with her bawdry workout ensemble?
Barbra Brighton
This is Barbra Brighton - playing Leslie - and she did practically nothing else beyond SBTB. A stint on the "Harry and the Hendersons" television show (it was a television show?) and "They Came from Outer Space," mixed with one movie appearance - "The Forbidden Dance" - and her career was over. She was about as legit an actor as Zack was as the Aerobics Club President. Boo yah!

But what about the lucky man to marry this young dame?
George McDaniel
This is George McDaniel, Jessie's onscreen father. He is older, yet is going to marry that younger lady. Good for him. He's had a hand in plenty of productions: "Three's Company," "Knighrider," "This is Spinal Tap," "The A-Team," and other such notable old shows. Work has been a bit more scarce in recent years, though he did have three appearances on three different "Law and Order" shows. Kudos!

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.