Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SBTB 03.15 - Date Auction

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. I am so sorry that Zack was a turd and that you still ended up accepting that he had changed by the last chance/dance of the night. Sweet, sweet Wendy.
Judy Carmen
This girl Wendy Parks, who thought she would have a great time with Zack since he always made her laugh, is played by Judy Carmen. Ms. Carmen does little else with Hollywood. She has one role on "Married...With Children" and gets shot in the head in the movie "Cyber Bandits." Who knows what she is doing with her life now. Hopefully something fulfilling.

Just real quick, let's talk about those new cheerleader uniforms. The school needs $600? Where have we heard that figure before, besides the very last episode? As you'll recall, Slater and Zack needed $600 to fix Mr. Belding's car and they very quickly raised the money by doing a raffle. In this episode, the school suddenly needs another $600 and a quick way to earn it. Raffle, anyone? Nope. Let's pimp out the boys of Bayside.

What is the beef here? Well, the old uniforms certainly needed to be updated.
And the new uniforms look great.
But I'm sure the reveal would have been more effective had we not already seen the new uniforms in the episode "Check Your Mate."
But why gripe? I mean, this is pretty par for the course. We've seen Season 1 episodes air in Season 2, and Season 3 has been a nightmare with school episodes intermixed with summer episodes. Clearly "Date Auction" should have aired before "Check Your Mate," but the producers probably didn't want the current episode to air so closely to Zack and Kelly's "big" break up. So, we are stuck with an odd continuity error.

Speaking of errors, how about that tool Brian Watkins?
Patrick J. Dancy
Seriously, what a tool! Brian is played admirably by Patrick J. Dancy. How do I know the role is admirably played? Because I've seen his other job. Just prior to this appearance, Ol' Patrick was a part of another NBC show that aired on Saturdays. You may have heard of it: "Guys Next Door." What? You are like me and have never heard of this show? Well, here's a video:
This is the intro to the show, which consisted of skits and videos, much like this one:
As you can see, Patrick has played a prancing boy band member. This is how I know that he acted admirably in our SBTB episode. Sure, he had other acting credits, but really, what is going to compare to "Guys Next Door?" Nothing. We move on.

Gah! Troll! I guess we'll take solace in the fact that this isn't another sighting in the Max. We move on.

What!?! Hey! You shut up, Dustin Diamond! We can't move on. This episode just had too much stuff going on.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.