Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SBTB 03.14 - The Wicked Stepbrother, Part 2

I'm sorry, but what is this episode? No Kelly? How can any teenage boy enjoy this episode with no Kelly? By Jesse accentuating her cleavage? I guess that works. (It really doesn't.)

Let's forget that Kelly was missing and turn to more important things: Eric getting punched. I have heard chatter that people are upset that Jesse seems to punch Eric in the left eye, yet it is his right eye that turns black.
I find this to be a very dumb thing to focus on. The scene goes so fast that she really could have punched his right eye instead of the "naturally closer" left. Haters gon' hate, I guess. (Honestly, had she punched him in the right eye with her right fist then he would have still fallen that way, nerds.)

Let's take a look at our guest star for this episode. This is Mr. Sonski, the auto shop teacher.
Monty Hoffman
Mr. Sonski is played by comedian Monty Hoffman. (No relation to Joshua Hoffman, the kid playing Eric.) He had been around the comedy scene for a long time doing standup. ("Had" because he died in 2013.) He was respected enough to be invited by Judd Apatow to sit in on the scene in "Funny People" where Adam Sandler's character is talking comedy shop with other comedians. This relationship with Sandler is probably how Monty ended up in the Sandler-produced "Bucky Larson." Sad. He seems like he was a decent enough guy, though I will have to go Youtube some of his routines.

Now let's enter the Troll Zone.

It seems like Molly has taken up permanent employ at the Max. My guess is that the Troll segment will often be littered with that red shirt. It's too bad, it was fun trying to find her around school (though that still happens from time to time).

Now that we are in the Troll Zone, allow me to troll on the algebra teacher.
What in the world is that problem?

  • Since when does 1,969/1,372 = 8,496? 
    • It equals 1.4351311.
  • What is that second equation? A = 84,961,372/1969? 
    • That would make A = 43,149.503, not the 59,472 written on the board.
  • Maybe the equation supposed to be A * (1,969/1,372) = 8,496 and the lower equation uses basic high school algebra, in which both sides are multiplied by 1,372 and then divided by 1,969 to isolate A on the left. 
    • The problem should then read A = (8,496 * 1,372)/1,969, which would equal 5,920.016.
If you didn't follow any of that - I don't blame you - just note that I have given this math teacher as much benefit as possible yet could not figure out how any of what is written on the board as being math. It is all wrong.

More trolling. Mr. Belding is super excited to listen to some CDs on his newly installed car stereo. One album he admits to Zack and Slater: Bo Jackson Sings the Blues. Why is this funny? Because Bo knows everything.
Bo Jackson Knows Everything
But what about the other CD in Mr. Belding's hand?
That, ladies and gentlemen, looks like the Indigo Girls album "Rites of Passage." 
I know that it isn't (it wouldn't be released until the next year) but trolling doesn't have to make sense. I'd like to think that Mr. Belding would be excited to listen to the Indigo Girls.

I guess that's enough for now. Trolling is over.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.