Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SBTB 03.07 - Check Your Mate

So, guess where this brilliant idea originated...
That's right, Lisa and Kelly were inappropriately used cheerleaders before Will Ferrel and Cheri Oteri began their Spartan Spirits routine. Granted, the SNL version was far funnier with better cheers, but the SBTB girls had midriffs. So... no contest.

This episode focussed on chess. Too much so, in that it forgot that guys like me would be too focussed on other aspects, like this little continuity conundrum:
As we look down upon the chess match we see that pieces have been won by both Screech and Peter the Russian. Screech has four and the Peter has three.
As Screech wins, there are no more pieces to the side. I don't know where they could have gone. Maybe the producers know.

Something else the producers may know is how the nerds of Bayside are so prepared. Peter Breschnev asks for his pants. Zack looks down and sees that he is still wearing Peter's pants. "No problem," we pretend an off-camera nerd says.
"Here are some pants." Problem solved! Peter wears the mystery pants and then loses.

Speaking of Peter Breschnev, the actor isn't credited for the episode. So, while I don't technically have to give any information about him, I will say that he pops up as Travis in "Saved by the Bell: The New Class" in the "Wanna Bet?" episode. Maybe he'll get covered there...

Who does get the credit? Why, that would be Miss Hilary Hayes, the actress who plays Allison Fox.
Hilary Hayes
Why is she standing like that? Well, for all the charm she brought to the show, the only other notable acting she got was as Ruby in "Star Trek: First Contact." Other than that, she is a complete Hollywood wash.

Now, I have some of my favorite segments. This next one is not one of them. I hate character breaks, but Season Three seems to be rife with them. And is it any wonder that they usually involve Screech?
Screech, you just got hit with a lady's bathroom door. Stop stifling that smile and act like you just got hit by a lady's bathroom door.

Screech turns away from the camera just as he breaks into a big grin. Zack, however, can't turn away from the camera to hide his goofy grin because his character is supposed to avoid Mr. Belding. What we get is an awkward face, like Zack has just conquered a bout of explosive diarrhea, but a little bit still slipped out.

And now (hooray!) we move on to one of my favorite segments: Shut up, Dustin Diamond!
This, of course, is before Tori Spelling looked like this:
(Uh, what are those boobs doing?)

Back to Screech, don't tell me he was disappointed at this much-better-than-Tori-Spelling view:
So let's all say it together: Dustin Diamond - Shut up.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.