Thursday, March 27, 2014

SBTB 03.10 - Boss Lady

I've got to pause from the episodic stuff for just a moment and alert my dear readers that Lark Voorhies, the famed Lisa Turtle, has recorded music and placed it on the interwebs for us all to hear. Check it out on Spotify (under her name) or HERE.

That is really what was in her heart that she just had to share with the world? Amazing.

Back to the issue at hand. As in, this episode.

Why oh why did Mr. Fletcher get a credit for this episode? Well, I guess it's because he had plenty of Hollywood work before this episode appearance. After? Not so much.
John Welsh
John Welsh plays the do-anything-for-daughter father Mr. Fletcher. You may recognize him as the sometimes recurring white guy "Big Earl" Barnett from "What's Happening!!" Or the smattering of other things he'd done before this episode seemingly killed his career. But that's all I got.

You want more? Okay. How about calling bull on this scene with Slater burning... something.
This is the guy that almost missed a wrestling match because of his flawless baking in HomeEc. This should have been a Lisa scene, but only because she assaulted my ears at the beginning of the blog.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.