Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SBTB 03.05 - The Surgery (Operation Zack)

Let's turn our attention to this pivotal scene:
This was obviously a terrible blow to the Bayside Tigers basketball team. Zack tears some cartilage in his knee and needs surgery. Mr. Belding causes this mishap. Chaos reigns. But there is more to this scene than just this horrible accident. Do you recall Slater holding a basketball? Of course you do; you watch the show and soak in every detail. So then you will recall that he tosses the ball to the side before heading out for layup drills. (An odd decision, as the team needs a ball to do the drill.) Despite the importance of this scene, the extra on the far left of the frame decides to go after that loose ball. I don't know if he thought it would add to the scene by recovering the ball or if he just wanted something to do since he wasn't getting paid a ton for this non-speaking part. Knowing of the import of the scene, however, he should have ignored that ball to be more readily at his captain's side when the knee gave out. For shame, Extra. For shame.

More shame? How about Zack being unable to keep a straight face while Screech dangles a frog leg in his face?
Don't you smile, Zack! You are in incredible pain.

And who will help him fight this pain? Why, Dr. Turtle, of course.
Susan Beaubian
Lisa's mom, a.k.a. the best surgeon in L.A., is played by Susan Beaubian. Not only does she do a great job on Zack's knee, but she dispenses motherly advice to her daughter like a true champion. The only thing I want to say about Ms. Beaubian is that of her 28 acting credits on IMDB, 11 are medically related. She plays doctors and nurses 39% of the time. Saved by the Bell was her first.

And now for the most inappropriately hilarious moment of the show:
A woman grabs fake-doctor Zack and proclaims: "Heal me with your kisses!" After which he is dragged into a room and made out upon. This was terrible and funny all rolled into one.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.