Saturday, December 28, 2013

SBTB 02.07 - Rent-a-Pop

How convenient that an actor begins working at the Max right when Zack needs an actor in his life!
Mark Blankfield
The James character is the only funny thing going on in this episode, as the show mostly deals with a Zack-centric theme. The head butts are delivered without looking too slapstick and his voices are fun without being annoying. Nice work, Mark Blankfield.

But wait, don't I know that guy from somewhere? Of course you do. Aside from spots here and there on television, this guy has been in a Mel Brooks production or two. Here he is as Blinkin:
Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Sadly, not everything goes well for James in this episode. He has to work next to that Molly the Troll. Let's look closer at our first picture.
We understand. Molly is the worst.

Being a rather dull episode, we'll look at Zack's dad and call it a day. John Sanderford plays Zack's father Derek Morris, the on-the-phone-all-the-time salesman.
John Sanderford
Mr. Sanderford is yet another Hollywood grunt getting work where he can. His most notable roll seems to be from "Excessive Force II: Force on Force," which seems to be overkill on so many levels - like excessively using "force" in a title and excessive in the fact that the first "Excessive Force" was probably more than enough movie. (He has actually had other far more notable appearances on screen, but I just like riffing on EFII:FonF. Example: he was a lifeguard on "Baywatch." Atta boy.)

This is another situation in which we are supposed to ignore continuity and forget that Zack's dad was already introduced in "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" (and introduced back in this post) and was Mister Rico Suave with Zack's teacher. The former actor was Robert Pine and I liked him far better, but that could just be that the dad in this episode was dealing with a duller situation. Mr. Sanderford does stick around as Zack's dad throughout the series; hopefully during better episodes.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.