Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SBTB 02.05 - House Party

My, my, my. The last blog was a snooze-fest. Let's see if we can make up for that.

Dear Sarah Jessica Parker:
Sarah Jessica Parker
I know what you are going to look like in a few years.
I don't know if this is a slam on SJP's face or a compliment to the lady who played Screech's mom. And do I need to start telling Mark-Paul Gosselaar to shut up?
Probably not.

But who is this very, very quirky lady anyway?
Ruth Buzzi
She is Ruth Buzzi and she is quite the character. She began her career in New England and established herself as a great character actor appearing on variety shows (like "The Entertainers" with Carol Burnett) and making her way into television and movies. One of her best-known characters is a bench sitting lady named Gladys Ormphby. You can see her in this great, great, great music video by Weird Al for the song "Gump."
There she was!
You can see her (and hear her voiceover work) in plenty of well-loved shows. She made a fine addition to the Saved by the Bell family as Screech's mom.

Now, before I introduce the next guest star, could someone please tell that kid "playing" the video game in the background to make it at least look like she is playing a video game?

Now, for the despicable nerd who doesn't know how to treat a delicate flower like Violet.
Jeff Asch
This is Jeff Asch as Maxwell Nerdstrom. He seemed to have a promising career, appearing in very popular shows like "The Drew Carey Show," "Scrubs," and "Third Rock from the Sun." His only recurring role was with Saved by the Bell, however. Bummer, man.

We need something to bring us back up from the downer that was Jeff Asch's career.

Molly the Troll! I know pointing out the same extra every episode is stupid, but that is the problem with naming things. I am attached to her. I think she served double duty in this episode.
The Netflix version is grainy so I can't tell if that is actually her, but it sure does look like it. Hooray for Molly the Troll. She is employable.

Another employable girl is Tori Spelling. What does she have to do with Saved by the Bell? How about being Violet?
Tori Spelling
I had no idea this was her. She is marginally attractive here, nerdiness aside. I only knew her from her "Beverly Hills: 90210" days and after - after her face got all lumpy.
She just gets weird-face from here.
This was seriously the best picture of her that I could find. She is best known for appearing in her dad's shows. Her dad is Aaron Spelling. If you haven't heard of him then you don't know your 80s and 90s television shows. If he had a show then she was probably prowling around it and trying to act in it. And then lump-face:
Yikes! Moving on.
YIKES!!! Moving on!
Oh, shut up, Dustin Diamond!

Well, I think this is about all I can stand. What a sad, crazy episode for curiosities.

I will leave you with one more. Notice how everyone gets into the anniversary party at the end (except for Mr. Powers, who seems to take forever parking a car)? Well, check out Kelly. She seems ready to be done with the scene as it fades to the credits.
Every party needs a pooper - that's why we invited Kelly. And Molly the Troll. Bah! I have got to get her out of my head!

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.