Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SBTB 02.02 - Zack's War

Let it be known: Max is out of the credits! The first two episodes are Max-free zones and I couldn't be happier.

Who else is happy? How about Dylan Tucker, the guy that plays Butch?
Dylan Tucker
Why is he so happy? The word on the street is that he was diagnosed with cancer in 1996. He's still around so I am guessing he beat it. He's getting back in the acting game and sets to appear in a movie called "Helicopter Mom" as a tough guy. Well, we all have to start from scratch from time to time.

In this episode, Butch is tasked with vying for the love of Molly between himself and Screech. Please take note, however, that Molly looks like a freaking troll:
I'm sure she's a sweet girl and all, but my "Shut up, Dustin Diamond" segment gets a little derailed this time around.

As to other guest stars (Molly doesn't get a credit?), let's look to the character of Louise, played by Lara Lyon.
Lara Lyon
Ms. Lyon has the unfortunate task of playing a nerd. Then again, like all nerds in the early episodes, she has a recurring role. And, like all nerds, this seems to be the only recurring role she has in her career. She one-ups those other nerds, however, by having served as a producer for a film called "Charlotte Sometimes." I have never heard of it but I am impressed that she tried a little something new.

As for Lieutenant Chet Adams, well, he just has the greatest name in television: Cylk Cozart.
Cylk Cozart
His appearance on Saved by the Bell happens early in his career (which started with modeling). He goes on to amass plenty of screen time, the best probably being "Slam Dunk Ernest." Probably not, but I was a pretty big Ernest fan and I didn't even know this existed. One thing of note: Cylk has the longest IMDB bio I have ever seen for a D-list actor. He may have written it himself, though I'm sure "anonymous" would never tell.

Yes, boom mic, the Lieutenant totally sees you.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.