Thursday, December 26, 2013

SBTB 02.06 - Blind Dates

If you had a strict upbringing then you may recall this episode as the one that your parents saw where, to their dismay, Zack does not get punished for his lying. He gets rewarded. With a kiss. Yes, this is the episode where my parents marked Saved by the Bell as a bad influence and I could not watch it any longer in my own home. I could, however, watch at a friend's house. So that was the real lesson from this episode: Have good friends.

But maybe my parents were on to something. The plot? Mr. Belding pimps out his niece to a delinquent. He allows Zack to skip suspension if the boy goes on a date with Penny Belding. Penny may not have known she was pimped. She was pimped, nonetheless.

Speaking of Penny:
Jodi Peterson
This is Jodi Peterson. I'm glad the producers chose to show us that Mr. Belding's gene pool wasn't completely shallow. Penny seemed like a nice enough girl. Then again, she did get fooled by Screech in a wig. (Way to just go with it, sweetheart.) Jodi appeared in numerous teen shows in the early 90s. She had a small role in "Growing Pains" and single gigs in "Life Goes On," "Step by Step," and "Getting By." She also had three different roles in three years for "Blossom." Sadly, it seems her career died after appearing in a Leslie Nielsen movie. Appropriately, it was "Dracula: Dead and Loving It."

The other blind date guest star was Timothy Williams playing Brett.
Timothy Williams
Don't let that Rob Schneider-like baby face fool you, homeboy was about 23 or so when he shot this episode. Like many other guest spots we've seen, Timothy's career doesn't have a ton of prominent shot-to-fame stuff. He does, however, have Hollywood experience in other areas. Timothy writes and it seems to suit him. Among his projects, readers of this blog may be most interested in his contributions to "Bobby's World" with Howie Mandel. He also wrote and acted in "Brothers." Way to go, little guy. I love seeing actors branching out. (And he isn't so little. He is listed as 5'6", which isn't too bad. It is just jarring seeing him go up against the 5'10" Elizabeth Berkley.)

The last guest star is Mr. Hudson, as played by I.M. Hobson.
What I gather from this guy is that he mostly played men of authority with a slight nod at his weight. But that's all I want to focus on. Because I want to move on. As in, I'd like to watch the next episode now.

Subtle boom.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.