Tuesday, September 17, 2013

GMMB 01.05 - Parents and Teachers

To take away any doubt: "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" takes place in Indiana. Zack quips to Screech that meteors are going to rain down on Cleveland and Screech mentions that he'll just wear a helmet. The second series, the actual "Saved by the Bell," obviously takes place in California. How the three surviving students AND Mr. Belding make it to Cali after this season is beyond me. But who cares?

The big concert that Mikey and Zack want to attend is for Hot Lead. I can find nothing about any real band ever called Hot Lead. No one has mentioned them, played with them, or anything. I found an online radio station for them, but it was empty. I saw another show reference Hot Lead, but it was fictional. (The show was "Life," a brilliant crime-drama cut off at the knees. The reference: someone had ties to a Heavy Caliber cover band called - you guessed it - Hot Lead. Go watch this show.) So, sadly, no further information on Hot Lead.

But how about that guest star, huh? Robert Pine played Zack Morris's father, Peter.
I know what you are thinking: I have totally seen that guy before. Of course you have. He's been around for a while as a great character actor in television. Jim Halpert's father on "The Office." A judge in the Lorenzo Lamas masterpiece "Renegade." The Secretary of Agriculture in the second season of "24." Herb, the predictor of the end of the world on "Parks and Recreation." And tons of other fun spots from 1964 to the present. He plays one smooth dude here, perfectly cast as the father to such a rapscallion son.

Lastly, another eating snafu. The guy behind Mr. Belding, instead of faking a bite of the sandwich, decides to take a teeny-tiny piece off the corner.
He also later fails to take a bite when this corner-picking trick goes stale and he puts the sandwich to his mouth. Just be like everyone else and fake sips out of straws in the milk cartons!

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.