Saturday, September 21, 2013

GMMB 01.13 - The Mentor

This episode fittingly focussed on Nikki Coleman, as played by Heather Hopper. Nikki was a great character and it is too bad she didn't make it into "Saved by the Bell" proper.

As a bit of incredible irony, Nikki's character in this episode has an identity crisis - she doesn't know if she should play baseball or be more girly. Rightly, she determines that she is fine the way she is. This is incredibly ironic because, not long after this episode, Heather is sent to a psych ward for anorexia. It's tragic. What's good, though, is that she accepted help, as shown in this one-woman show posted online:

Hopefully all is going well with her.

The guest on this show was the great Robert Donner. He played James Lyman, the fun substitute teacher.
This man has had big roles and small roles throughout his career, but he should always be remembered for his characters in old westerns. He shared the screen with John Wayne at least three times, as well as a stint or two with Clint Eastwood. (It is rumored that Clint himself convinced Robert to pursue a career in acting.)

In addition to westerns, he sent "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" into the sunset with a fantastic reading of the Gettysburg Address. I don't care who you are, that speech is amazing and Robert did a great job as Abraham Lincoln. Now, whether this was a good way to end the episode, let alone the series, is questionable. Regardless, it was great.

And that is it for "Good Morning, Miss Bliss." The next post will be in the actual "Saved by the Bell" series. Nice.

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