Thursday, September 19, 2013

GMMB 01.10 - Practical Jokes

As someone who has studied the law, it was cute to see little kids applying principles of the Constitution. The trial, of course, was a travesty. But at least that evidence didn't get in!

And I can't tell if I caught this kid stealing a peek at Lisa or Zack in an off moment.
Busted! It is back to extras acting classes for you. Then again, you can't teach eyes that smolder with burning love for unattainable child stars. That's a gift!

And speaking of failures: Mr. Belding. I know this is a television show aimed at a younger audience and the cheap thrill joke of a bucket of water over a door is good enough for a few snickers, but how did they expect to sell us on this gag?
The door is open. One would normally think that the tension on the rope/string would be enough to pull the trap down. Nope. It's when the door closes and the rope slackens.

And speaking of things that don't quite add up:
The hot secretary is back after going halfsies with the old woman in the last episode. The roulette of help Mr. Belding gets is dizzying.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.