Sunday, September 15, 2013

GMMB 01.02 - The Love Letter

Two things here:

1) This guy is the heart-throb substitute teacher guest on the show.
Randy Hamilton
This is Randy Hamilton and he has quite the pair of gums. I can find no other pictures of him online except for these two.
I guess that last one could qualify him as a heartthrob, but only because he isn't really smiling.

It appears he was in the business since 1965 but didn't get a steady stream of work until 1978, which lasted until 1998. (Most of it was bit acting in television productions.)

2) Next, this guy doesn't take a bite of his sandwich. He puts it back down and fails to pretend to chew. It doesn't even look like he is trying!
He does seem to redeem himself later by wiping his mouth on a napkin, so there is some acting. I understand that this scene probably had fifteen to twenty takes and that he didn't want to take a bite every single time. But you at least need to act, buddy. Take one bite so that it looks like you are already enjoying the sandwich. We'd see the bite mark and you would have far more credit faking the next bite. Here, you pretend to take a bite out of an obviously still-whole sandwich. You'll never make it in this business like that, buddy boy.

And WHAT!?! Screech wore a Jimmy Z t-shirt? Why wasn't he the most popular kid in school? These were all the rage.
Jimmy Z
Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.