Friday, January 10, 2014

SBTB 02.10 - Model Students

It's one thing to have a boom mic in one of your shots. It's another to have one in many shots. Behold:
Boom! The show barely starts when the snafu goes down.
Boom!! It can't even stay away during a key scene.
Boom!!! Oh, wait for it. (Look in Kelly's mirror over Zack's right shoulder.)
Boom!!!! Yup, they move the mic towards Zack and get caught in the mirror. Mighty fine work, boys.

Another brilliant (read: "production failure") is Screech's state of affairs after taking photos of the girl's swim team.
Am I supposed to believe that perfectly dry Screech had pool water in his snorkel? As much as I am to believe that he got candid shots of the girls, right?
I can understand, though. Dustin Diamond would have been miserable doing take after take if he had to stay in sopping wet clothes. Just like he would be miserable combing out his 'fro for every take in the last scene.
That's right, Screech. Don't let that confetti in your hair! (If you'll recall, he tries to walk completely around the fallout radius.)

And now for the part of the blog that I am growing to hate: Guest stars. My objective was to point out guest stars that may have made a name for themselves in other places in which Saved by the Bell was simply a spring board. Sadly, hardly any guest stars so far have made a name elsewhere. Our nerds have been prime examples (minus that Tori Spelling stint). So, I will avoid the nerds here - I may have even covered one or more of them in previous posts.

Greg Kean
Adam Trask, the creepy-yet-insightful photographer, is played by Greg Kean. You may know him if you have sat in on your mother watching TV movies. Or you may have seen him in his only recurring role as Clancy Lass in "Dead Like Me." Or, if you are like me, then you have never seen him in anything memorable, even though I have seen that one episode of Smallville he was in briefly.

And that is how this one will end. Kind of a dud ending. We'll get over it.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.