Monday, January 6, 2014

SBTB 02.09 - Jessie's Song

I was so excited and I just couldn't hide it. I thought I would get through this whole episode without finding a curiosity to point out. There wasn't even a Molly the Troll sighting! The episode was going to be a fun, classic one to just sit back and watch. The girls could do their Hot Sundae dance, Jessie could do her pills dance, and I could do my "I Ain't Got Nothing to Write About" dance -- but then I saw this:
What is wrong with this? Look closer at the right.
In the words of "The Lion King": Everything the light touches is Jessie's kingdom. But what about that shadowy place? That is beyond Jessie's borders. You must never go there, for you will fall off the set of the show.

Yes! That step down is where the set ends! You are literally seeing the edge of the Saved by the Bell universe where it meets that of the real universe where real people like us really live. On one side, Jessie is in a caffeine coma. On the other side, a director is barking orders to crew members while a pretty boy fetches him coffee while watching a little dog. (Sorry, I'm thinking of director Kenny Ortega.)
Kenny Ortega
In all my Saved by the Bell watching, I never thought I'd see the edge of the set. Boom mics are one thing, but this is monumental.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.