Thursday, July 17, 2014

SBTB 03.23 - Cut Day

Styrofoam is bad. Ardent Jesse and Pathetic Graham tell you so in this very episode. Great. But did anybody get a Moleman vibe from the delivery guy?
Poor Moleman.

And Pathetic Graham:
David Kriegel
This poor sap is played by David Kriegel. I didn't know a male-Jesse could be so lame. Mr. Kriegel seemed to be destined for greatness in his early career. In the early 90s he had roles in "21 Jump Street," "Quantum Leap," "Growing Pains," and "90210." Movies included "Speed" and "Leaving Las Vegas." But, alas, roles became a bit more scarce. In 2006 he tried to jump over to the other side of the camera by producing and directing an episode of "VIP Passport." This stint lasted one episode. He now owns a dance studio with his wife called Creation Station.

But let's focus more on Graham. Graham was a dolt and a magician all at once.

Hey Dolt! Zack is taking your red paint and you are doing nothing!

Wait, you were still able to put red on your signs? You freaking magician!

Graham isn't the only magician in this episode. Notice Zack staring at his obviously empty hands.

Blam! I have no clue where he was hiding that can of paint. I could hazard a guess, but this is a kiddy show and that sort of sordidness is not allowed.

Wait, is that a butt? What did I just say!?! This is a kiddy show! Why is a butt in this shot? Yes, there is a swimsuit on that actress, but it is clearly covering very little. I recall this being another instance of my mom walking into the room at this very wrong moment and declaring that "Saved by the Bell" is of the devil for glorifying immodesty.

Lastly, how blind is Mrs. Cunningham? Well, she thinks Nigeria is in North America. Worse: She looks closer at the map and realizes she is in North America but thinks she is pointing at Las Vegas, Nevada.
Sorry, sweetheart. Las Vegas is a bit more north. You are pointing at Yuma, Arizona.

Feel free to share what stood out to you in the comments below.